What are the risks of Facebook promotions?

An increasing number of contests and promotions are being integrated into company Facebook pages to drive “Likes” from target consumers.  Some are successful, others not so much.

To get more insight on how to be setup your Facebook promotions to stay on the right site of Facebook’s ever changing policies, I’d recommend you check out Mari Smith’s recent blog post on Facebook Promotions. Also read Douglas Karr’s posting on risks associated with Facebook marketing.

But what would happen if you Facebook company page was shut down?  What would the impact be on your business?

A lot depends on your industry and adoption of Facebook as an engagement channel.  If you have 50 people who “Like” your company and follow you, probably not a big deal. But what if you have 5000, 50000 or even 3.4 million like Pepsi?  What do you do if you are account is arbitrarily closed?

While major brands have the resources to “convince” Facebook to reactivate their account, it underscores a nagging concern raised by the possibility.  Can you afford to put all your online assets into the hands of others?

This possibility provides a good reason to continue using your website as the primary engagement vehicle for online promotions and contests.

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