Six reasons why text promotions make sense

A client recently enquired about the new text to win contest application we’ve added to our product mix. She was wondering what the advantages of a text to win promotion were over what she had done previously and to incorporate it in a new sponsorship promotion being developed.

I developed a short presentation for her to outline some of the advantages we believe make this promotion format worth considering for sports, retail or auto  promotions or sponsorship activation programs.  I thought it might be of value to share these ideas as you may be wondering if there are advantages to this contest format or you might be considering testing the application in your next promotion.

Following are some of the advantages I think text to win contests can provide.

  1. Universal Access to consumers. At the end of December 2010, there were 24.5 million Canadian wireless phone subscribers.  Virtually every Canadian consumer has access to a
    Sample text to win snapNwin card

    Mockup of text to win promotion

    text application on their phone, regardless of the operating system used.

  2. Measurable.  Text to win contests offer direct measurement of how many consumers participate in your promotion – no guessing   Since access is so easy, response rates tend to be much higher than other promotion formats.
  3. Easy to play. Since Canadians send 163 million text messages per day, we know consumers are comfortable with the technology.  They don’t need to be provided any special instructions on how to enter.
  4. Immediate response.   A major advantage of text to win promotions is the immediate response they generate.  And they are not tied to a specific location so are ideal for event promotions at sports venues, sponsorship events or retail locations.
  5. Build your mobile database.  You can build your database of mobile users for future campaigns by providing an opt-in provision in your text to win contest.  This provides the opportunity to engage consumers with future messages, product updates or contests.
  6. Low cost. It is really quite easy to implement a text contest program using existing platforms from suppliers like ourselves.  This allows for quicker implementation, no need for any IT infrastructure investment or ability to test as there aren’t long term commitments required.  WE simply cost each campaign based on the volume of text messages and format of the program.

While text messaging has been adopted as a primary communication tool by younger consumers, recently published US survey results suggest 30 – 49 year olds have widely adopted the technology.  Even more surprising is that the over 65 age group is the fastest growing segment of the population adopting text messaging.  These changes suggest text to win contests apply to a wider cross section of consumers than previously assumed.

I am recommending that clients test text message promotions and compare results to other formats.  They are easy to setup , immediacy of results and generally high response rates are compelling  reasons to consider adding this element to your next promotion.

CF Marketing Group delivers promotions using unique, innovative products to increase the stickiness of promotional messages for auto, sports or retail contests, events or sponsorship activation programs.  Stickiness means your promotion will be noticed, have interactive elements and deliver measurable results.

Call 1.888.215.8315 or email to discuss some ideas on how we can help with add a text to win or QR code promotion element to your next promotion or sponsorship activation program.

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  1. Brenda
    May 27, 2011 | 12:07

    I noticed in the image that went along with your very informative article that there was a snapNwin card. SnapNwin cards are a great tool to build a database of customers’ phone numbers so as to be able to really get a strong text messaging campaign fully functional. This is another way in which snapNwin cards play an important role in clients’ marketing efforts.
    Volker, thanks for writing such knowledgeable articles.